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Unique experience in the Pelagos Santuary
Researching Dolphins, Fin Whale and others animals

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Boardig point

Google Maps: BMC SEA

Largo Marinai d’Italia, 17100 Savona SV Italy


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In case of no sighting, costumers who have booked with us, will be offered a voucher for another excursion equal to 50% of the total price of the ticket valid for 6 months
For more informations, read terms and sale conditions.

Do you want other informations?

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The excursion lasts about 4 hours in which we search cetaceans with an expert Nature Guide. In the first part, the Guide will make a lesson of introduction of cetaceans.

It is important to know that the cetaceans research in the waters of the Sanctuary requires apatient surface monitoring and observation work, remembering that we are searching wild animals and there are neither times nor established points to meet them.
We have to accept a few hours of navigation, which will then be rewarded by the emotion they transmit to us.

Obviously this excursion takes place in the open sea,very far from the coast, it is important if it is the first experience or you aresensible to the seasickness to take the right precautions: light breakfast not milk products and sweet foods and if necessary take pill for the seasickness 2 hours beforedeparture.

During the excursion you can buy food in the bar.


In the winter…

If you are sensible to the seasickness, we recommend …

During the excursion you can buy food
in the Bar

In search of the treasures of the sea

Pelagos Santuary extends in throughout Ligurian Sea.

It is aMarine Protected Area in the Mediteranean Sea with a richness of cetaceans’ food: for this reason, we can find a big concentration of cetaceans.

During our excursion on Motorship, you will participate in a lesson “introduction of cetaceans”, after we research and watching together cetaceans.

With the company of Naturalistic Guide, we research an incredible variety species: common dolphin, bottlenouse dolphin, striped dolphin, fin whale, sperm whale, pilot whale, risso’s dolphin and cuvier beaked whale.

Whale Watching Savona

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Terms and sale conditions


At the moment of the reservation, the Customer assumes full responsibility for the correct insertion of data (number and age of participants, telephone number for any cancellation and e-mail address).

Any cancellations o changes to the reservation (for example: decrease in the number of participants) must be communicated by e-mail to the address info@bmcseatours.it within 96 hours before departure: the Customer will receive a voucher valid for 6 months for another excursion in an amount equal to the total cost of the ticket.

In case of failure or late communication, the amount requested at the time of booking will be retained.

It will be necessary to show a copy of the booking confirmation received by e-mail at the ticket office.

Excursion cancellation and missed sighting

The Captain can cancel the excursion even on the same day to ensure the safety of passengers.

In case of cancellation Due to bad weather and sea forecasts or force majeure, we will notify all those who have booked in good time and refund each ticket.

In case of no sighting, costumers, who have booked with us, will be offered a voucher for another excursion equal to 50% of the total price of the ticket valid for 6 months.

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